Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Terrific Tuesday - Back to Routine

With PARCC testing behind us, we were back to our regular routine today!!

After the morning announcements, we took some time to figure out where we left of and where we are heading.  This included reviewing the assignments for the Genius Hour Project and modeling how to complete the planning guide.

After that, while I met with guided reading groups, the students worked on the following tasks.  First, all reading groups, completed as assignment in Google Classroom, on the literacy page, that helped them build background knowledge for their next text, a biography.  After that, the children focused on their genius hour projects.  Many students began by completing their informational paragraph organizer (which is overdue) and the planning guide.  Others used my feedback, from their informational paragraph organizer, to complete the final draft.  Some students continued gathering facts to answer their driving questions.

Pink:  Independently the students explored Eric Kimmel's web site and, in their RRJ, listed 3 facts they learned about him, 2 ideas to help their own writing, and 1 question they were wondering.  In group we shared their 3-2-1s and then I gave a brief book introduction for their new book, Tuning Up.  We read the first few pages of the book together.  For HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 4-9.

Green:  Independently the children watched a video clip to learn about prehistoric cave paintings, and in their RRJ they completed a 3-2-1, stating 3 facts they learned, 2 ideas that surprised them, and 1 question they still had.  In group we shared their 3-2-1s and I gave a brief book introduction.  For HOMEWORK the students should read pages 3-5 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

Blue:  Independently the students watched a video clip about orphan trains.  Then, in their RRJ, they wrote what it might feel like to leave everything behind and go to an unfamiliar place and the challenges they might face.  In group, we discussed what the orphan trains were and the children shared the RRJ responses.  Then I gave a brief book introduction.  Finally, we read the introduction, in the book, and discussed it.  For HOMEWORK the children should read chapter 1, pages 11 and 12.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

When they returned to class we had an emergency class meeting. Between the changes in routine, the rain, and the end of the year, students are struggling to listen, follow directions, and be respectful.

After that we began our math block.

During the small group instruction we practiced using known and unknown charts to help us represent and solve multi-step word problems.

During math with a partner the children worked together to represent and solve a multi-step word problem.  Then they played multiplication war to improve their basic fact fluency.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the children completed an assignment on Prodigy which focused on representing and solving multi-step word problems.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

We ended the day by reviewing scarcity and finishing the opportunity cost lesson. Then we quikly learned the difference between banked and unbanked money.

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