Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thriving Thursday

This morning, after the announcements, we took the MAP-R test for the last time this year.  This is the computerized, self-adjusting, reading assessment that every students takes, three times each year, beginning in third grade.  Once again, most students put a lot of time and effort into this test, so it took the majority of our morning.

After the test we took a much needed Go Noodle brain break and then watched a video message from Mrs. Hammond.  She read the book, Oh!  The Places You'll Go, and announced her plans for next year.  She will be going to Fox Chapel ES as the principal intern.

Then it was time for outdoor recess and lunch.

When the students returned to class we began our math block.

During the small group instruction we practiced representing and solving two-step word problems.  We focused on identifying what the question was asking and identifying both what we knew and what we had to figure out.

During math with a partner the children payed a new card game, similar to War, that focused on fluency with the multiplication facts.

Finally, during the technology rotation, the children visited the site, Multiplication Grand Prix, to practice the basic multiplication facts.

During the second rotation the students went to art with Mrs. Daniell.

When they returned we finished the rotations.

We WILL have a quiz tomorrow covering multiplication and division fact fluency and two-step word problems.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.

We ended the day by browsing the book fair.

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