Friday, May 20, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This morning, after watching the morning announcements, we talked about the SGA sponsored, optional, Up-cycling Contest.  We also watched a video to help inspire creativity. The video highlighted a young boy names Caine who made an arcade of recycled materials.  It was so cool!!

After that we began our literacy block.  While I met with individual students to begin our final round of monthly reading assessments and help with the Genius Hour Project, and met with reading groups, the students worked on the following tasks.  First the completed an independent guided reading group assignment focusing on identifying the main idea of a section of text.  Then they continued working on their Genius Hour Project.  Students worked on the final draft of their informational paragraph, completed their project planning guide, continued their research, and/or began their final project.

Pink:  The children reread pages 22-31 and, in their RRJ, described the steps Eric goes through in writing a book.  In group we reviewed these steps and identified the main idea of this section.  After that we discussed how to identify the main idea of the entire text.  Then the students, in their RRJ, identified the main idea of the book, Tuning Up, and a key detail to support it.  Finally, I collected their books.

Green:  Independently the students reread pages 14-27, summarized the section of text, and identified the main idea.  In group we reread parts of the section and orally summarized it.  After that the students reviewed their main idea statements before turning them in.  Finally, I collected their books.

Blue:  Independently the students read chapter 6 and, in their RRJ, identified the main idea and 2-3 key details of this chapter.  In group we reviewed strategies for identifying the main idea of a section of text.  Then we reviewed the chapter and shared main idea statements.

After recess and lunch, the children had a substitute. During math they continued to practiced representing and solving multi-step word problems.  Then, after math, they shared homework writing journal entries.  Finally, they celebrated making good choices with their Dojo Reward, a game day afternoon.

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