Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, after the announcements, the students took the second session of the PARCC  ELA/Literacy test.  The children put a lot of effort into it!

After the test, we took a short break and then worked on our Genius Hour research and the informational paragraph organizer.

Next the children enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

When we returned to class we began our math block.  Instead of our regular math rotations, which were similar to pulling teeth yesterday, we played Kahoot BUT focused on solving word problems.  As we played we talked about various ways to solve the problems and I introduced the concept of distractors - the most common wrong answer.

After math we began our economics unit in social studies.  After giving a brief overview of economics we watched a lesson about budgeting and discussed the components of one including income, fixed expenses, and the concept of saving.

Next we began to work on a task to decide if we are responsible enough to get a pet.  First, the children brainstormed possible pets to adopt and identified the one they most wanted.  After that they got into small groups with others who chose the same pet.  Together they read and analyzed a fact sheet about their choice.  Then they listed advantages and disadvantages, using facts from their reading, on a t-chart.

Later in the week we will identify ways to generate an income and then determine the budget for getting our pet.


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