Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - WIMS Day!

This morning, after the announcements, we had the chance to watch the WIMS Day orientation video starring our very own Mr. Benco, Mrs. Graff, and Mrs. Daniell.  Then the fun began!

We spent the morning rotating through some fantastic stations.  Some of the fun we had included disc golf, kickball, soccer, drawing our summer plans on reflective sunglasses, running obstacle, creating part of a school mural, playing drums, coding and there was much more, too!!

After the morning session we returned to the classroom to cool off.  During that time we watched a Magic School Bus video about natural resources, continued decorating the reflective sunglasses, and worked on the coding sites.

Finally, we ate our lunch....then it was back out for the rest of WIMS Day.  This afternoon we danced, played Skillstastic, had relay races, and a few other things.  We ended with a sweet treat, thanks to the PTA, Popsicles!!


NO HOMEWORK tonight!!!

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