Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thrilling Thursday - Two Hour Delay and Uncertainty about the Impending Weather a teacher, I typically like a snow day as much as the next, but with this being the end of the marking period, today's delay and not knowing what tomorrow will bring, makes it a bit tricky!  :-)

The plan for this week was to read two books on the same topic and compare them.  Because of the holiday, MAP-R testing, and a delay, most groups have barely started the first book.  To complicate matters, when we return, after the snow, we are going to be reading fiction and writing a character analysis.

Why am I telling you all of this?  That's easy!  I had to make some changes in our schedule and workload that might appear to be random or weird.

During the literacy block today, and hopefully tomorrow, I will concentrate on listening to each student read and answer questions about it.  This is the monthly MIRL data I have to collect.  Students will not be meeting in formal reading groups.  The texts we began on Tuesday are theirs to keep.  We won't be using them in group (see above).

Instead the children will be listening to/watching 6 realistic fiction books and completing a capture sheet, identifying the title, main character, and a short summary of each.  This is necessary in order to begin writing a character analysis, when we return to school, next week.

So, today, during our literacy block, which took place before and after lunch, the students began by completing the reading formative covering vocabulary in context and identifying examples of cuase and effect.  Then they completed and submitted their opinion organizer.  After that they began the listen to reading assignment, in Google Classroom's literacy page, of watching the 6 books and completing the capture sheet.  Those who finished today, practiced their word work words and cursive.

As they worked, I completed the MIRL testing with individual students and motivated those who struggled to complete their work.  :-)

After the literacy block the students went to art with Mrs. Daniell.  When they returned we began our math block.

During the small group, teacher-led, instruction we focused on building lrger frations using a unit fraction.

During math with a partner the children completed a problem set building fractions using a unit fraction.  Then they played fraction bump or the fraction matching game.

During the technology rotation the students watched two Learn Zillion lessons about unit fractions and building larger fractions.  Then they practiced these skills using Fraction Splash.

HOMEWORK is posted on Google Classroom.  There will not be any quizzes tomorrow.

The students earned a Dojo reward this week.  We will have a game/art afternoon tomorrow.  Students are allowed to bring board games.  NO electronics, please!

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