Friday, January 8, 2016


This morning, after watching the video taped morning announcements, we began our literacy block.

Today all groups got new guided reading books.  So, the children began their independent work with an assignment to build comprehension.  Then they finished typing their informational paragraphs and read and revised all 3 paragraphs with a partner.  Next the students practiced their word work words and cursive.

As they worked, I met with guided reading groups.

Orange:  I introduced the new book, Taking Care of Trees, and then we reviewed and practiced vocabulary used in the book.  After that we worked together to turn headings into questions to help guide our reading.  Then, students finished turning the rest of the headings into questions independently.

Pink:  Independently the students copied sentences, from the book, Skydiving, with selected vocabulary words.  Then they used the glossary to write the definition.  In group we shared whether or not we would ever skydive and reviewed, and practiced, the new vocabulary.

Green:  Independently the students copied sentences with selected vocabulary, from their new book, Paleontology, read the meaning of the words, using the glossary, and then identified a synonym for each, using  In group we shared background knowledge and discussed the impact that dinosaur fossils have on learning about life in the past and reviewed and practiced the new vocabulary. Finally, we listed cause and effect "key words" in our RRJ.

Blue:The students attempted to build background knowledge by watching a Discovery Education video about the Explorers from the 1400s.  Then the children read the first few pages in their new book, Adventure in the Americas, and identified 2 facts about John Cabot and Christopher Columbus.  In group we shared background knowledge about the early explorers and the facts we learned about them.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed outdoor recess and lunch.

I had planned to give a math formative.  However, last night it occurred to me that we had missed two math blocks due to MAP-M testing.  Therefore, today we had our regular math block and we will take a quiz on Monday.

Today during the small group instruction we briefly reviewed three digit addition and subtraction, with regrouping, as a warm up.  Then we used the read-draw-write method to solve word problems involving all operations.

During math with a a partner the students engaged in discourse as they played a Clip n Cover game focusing on multiplication facts and word problems.

Finally during the technology rotation the students revisited the Matching Cards site to practice the basic multiplication facts.

After math we quickly reviewed the difference between natural and man-made features and then took a brief assessment.

Next the students had the opportunity to share their homework writing journal entries.

After that we took a Go Noodle brain break to get the "wigglies" out, and then had our weekly class meeting.

We began with a group share.  Each person had the chance to share how they are feeling in school.  Many said they were happy because they completed the three inquiry paragraphs...this was a good reminder to me that they have been working quite hard!  Next we exchanged thank yous and compliments...there were A LOT this week!  Finally, we briefly discussed the challenge of acting like a third grader on the carpet...particularly putting an end to the spontaneous laughter.

It was a great meeting that left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.  :-)

Have a great weekend!!

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