Monday, January 11, 2016

Marvelous Monday

This morning, after the announcements, we began our literacy block.

Today, while I meet with guided reading groups, the children will begin with an independent task using their guided reading book.  After that they will watch a Learn Zillion lesson about opinion writing, twice.  The second time they view it, they will take notes about the review, common mistake, and core lesson, in their work on writing journal.  Next the children will practice their word work words by writing them across and down.  Then they will practice writing the letter Z, in cursive.

Orange:  We shared the questions they wrote using the last two headings in their book.  Then we reviewed the question for the first heading and read the entire section n order to answer it.  As we discussed the answer we wrote key words on the sticky note that stated the question.  After that we practiced answering the question, using the book and our key words, orally.  When students returned to their seats they  wrote an answer in their RRJ.  For HOMEWORK the children need to read the entire book.

Pink:  Independently the children turned each heading in their book into a question.  When we got to group we shared their questions.  They did a nice job!!  Then we read the first three sections, one att a time, and discussed the answer to the question.  Additionally, we determined and wrote a couple of key words that would be necessary to answer the question for those sections.  For HOMEWORK the students need to reread pages 3-12.

Green:  Independently the students read pages 3-9 and flagged cause and effect key word (signal words) that we listed on Friday.  In group we reviewed their flagged words and determined whether they indicated examples of cause and effect.  Then we wrote them on a chart in their RRJ.  FOr HOMEWORK they need to reread pages 3-9.

Blue:  Independently the students copied sentences using specified words, read the meaning of the word in the glossary and then chose a synonym from for assigned vocabulary words from their book.  In group we reviewed and discussed the vocabulary words and sysnonyms.  FOr HOMEWORK the students need to read pages 2-8.

After our literacy block the students enjoyed indoor recess and lunch.

When the students returned to class we took our math quiz.  During the quiz, we took a break to go to PE.  When we returned to class, the students finished the quiz.

After math we had a social studies lesson.  We reviewed the two types of geographic characteristics , natural and human-made.  Then we began learning about the "Wonders" of Africa, the Sahara Desert and the Egyptian Pyramids.

There is HOMEWORK posted on Google Classroom.

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