Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday...Report Card Day

The students began their day in art.

When they returned to class we revisited the myth, "King Midas and the Golden Touch".  We reviewed the plot (the events leading from the problem to the solution).  Then we defined the ideas of persistence, effort and motivation and identified aspects of each from the story.  After that we had a GREAT discussion comparing a character from two of the tree traditional tales which we have read in the past week. 

Obviously, I had a few characters that I had in mind to compare but the class shared different character comparisons and evidence that I agreed with but had not thought of in my planning.  It was truly exciting to see the children further their understanding by searching their minds for ways to compare the various characters.

The down side?  Our whole group lesson ran WAY over!!  NO worries, though...I wouldn't trade the discussion for anything!!

Next we reviewed the components of a good paragraph (topic sentence, details to support it and concluding sentence).  I then modeled, using my facts I had gathered during research and organized on the pros/cons chart, writing an informative paragraph about my issue (teaching cursive in school).

By then it was time for math...

In math the students competed their parking garage 2 step word problem task in their table groups.  Mrs. Head met with the small group she had been working with on this task.  I finished working with the students working on the assessment activity that will be used to determine placement in the compacted curriculum math class next year.  There is a 2 step word problem worksheet for homework and we WILL have a QUIZ tomorrow on 2-step word problems.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, Mrs. Howard visited us and read a book about feelings.  Then they made a feelings flip book.

After that we reviewed some of the vocabulary we have learned during our study of economics.  These words included; income, expense, budget, choices and opportunity cost.  Then we viewed part of a video reinforcing these ideas. 

After packing up we explored an economic online game.

Report Cards were sent home today.  Check your child's backpack.

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