Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday: Take Your Child to Work Day

With half of our class absent, we made a few tweaks to our daily routine!!

After beginning the day with art, the students returned to class and shared which natural resource they had brought in for last night's homework assignment.  Next, we viewed a Power Point and read a document to learn more about using natural resources to make pigments and dyes.  After that, I modeled writing a plan for turning a natural resource into a pigment and then a dye. (procedural writing)  Then the students wrote their own plans for their natural resource.  Students who finished early worked on any unfinished work.

We began math with a Drexel Math problem of the day.  After giving the students time to work their way through this problem, I modeled, through thinking aloud, how to tackle and solve it.  Then the students used the iPads and flashcards to independently practice telling time to the nearest minute.  I worked with small groups on 2 step word problems and summing products.

We will have a math quiz tomorrow.  It will be very similar to last week's quiz but will include two analog clocks.

Following lunch and recess the children created pigments and then dyes using their natural resources.  Then they attempted to dye their fabric square using their dye.  See pictures below!

We were scientists!  We made a plan, tested it out and made adjustments!!

At the end of the day we played an online game involving economics.  You can visit the Moneyville site and cross the bridge to get to the family game.  This game will reinforce the concepts we've been learning in class!

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