Friday, April 26, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Due to a wonderful treat...a visit from the was moved to later in the morning.  Therefore, our day began with our reading/writing block. 

First, we discussed how the research and graphic organizer, both being completed using technology) was going.  Students shared some challenges which led to a decision that I needed to meet with small writing groups, instead of reading.  After that, we reviewed prefixes, suffixes and root words...identifying how knowing and understanding these components will not only help with decoding but also comprehending new words.  Then we learned the meaning of the -ly suffix (in a ___way; quickly means in a quick way) and we revisited the word map.

While I helped small groups with their research, the students continued reading text about their issue and adding facts that support their opinion to their graphic organizer.  Then they completed a word map for the -ly suffix and worked on any unfinished work.

In between reading and math, the students went to music to work with members of the BSO.

When they returned to class, they took a math quiz. 

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students had time to finish the math quiz and complete unfinished work assignments.  The quizzes have been scored and returned to students.  Please look over your child's quiz and remind him/her to put it in the math section of his/her binder.

We ended the day with our Kinder Buddies visiting us!  We shared the Key Note presentations we made in order to get to know each other better!!

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