Friday, April 5, 2013


Just a few notes before I forget...
The book Fair starts Monday.
There is a menu change on Monday--instead of cheese dippers it will be manager's choice.  The second option will remain french toast sticks.

So,back to today...

The children began their day in music.

When they returned to class, I introduced the 2 learning skills we will focus on this marking period, persistence and elaboration. After defining and explaining each, I explained that todays' lesson will include how to elaborate in a BCR.
Today, we revisited The Fisherman and the Turtle , and identified a character trait to describe on of the main characters.  Using support from the text and then EXPLAINING your thinking was the central point of this lesson.
After that, we reviewed the issues page on this blog.

Today's independent work began with the students browsing the issues page of the blog, using an iPad, and choosing an issue that they will eventually research.  Then the children worked on reading group assignments.  Finally, they worked in small groups to further understand the concept of a budget, by working on a task to create a budget.

Reading Groups
Sharks:  WE reviewed the whole group lesson and then outlined how to construct a BCR naming a title for chapter 2 and explaining their choice.  Then they revised their answer that they wrote for homework last night and turned it in.

Cheetahs:  Reread chapter 2.  Then they wrote a title for chapter 2 and explained their answer.  This was turned in.

In math we watched an animation video showing a different strategy to solve 2-step word problems.  Then the students got into small groups...their goal was to clearly explain how to solve a 2-step word problem and capture it on Educreations.  Then we will watch the videos and vote on the group whose presentation was the clearest.  We will continue this on Monday!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently. 

Reading Groups
Snakes:  Reread the second section of their book and added long e words to their charts (according to spelling) in their RRJs.

Yellow Jackets:  Read chapter 1 of Journey and wrote 1 thing that puzzled them.  Then we met and I reread the chapter to the group, stopping along the way to discuss the events.  After that we discussed Kat and Journey and the different approach each is taking to handle the hurt of their mother leaving.

We ended the day by visiting our kindergarten book buddies.  Due to some confusion, we got new buddies and interviewed each other.  We will begin creating Key Note presentations next week, using the interview from today.

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