Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thriving Thursday

The students began their day in art. 

When we returned to class we revisited the folktale, The Fisherman and the Turtle, and identified key details from the story in order to explain the theme.

After that, we shared and discussed the issues that students had listed in their writing journals.

While I met with reading groups, the students worked on individual reading group tasks, browsed articles listed on the "Issues" page of this blog and read a social studies handout to learn about the concept of budgets.  After reading the text about budgets, the children listed 3things they learned and 1 questions they still had about the idea, in their social studies journals.

Sharks:  We met and shared their 10 key words from chapter 1 and discussed which ones were good choices because they gave a hint as to the main idea of the chapter.  Then we began reading chapter 2.   Students were to finish reading chapter 2, in class, independently.  Tonight they need to reread chapter 2 and write a title for the chapter using details from the chapter to explain their choice.  This should be done in their RRJ.

In math we reviewed how identifying the known and unknowns can help us solve 2-step word problems.  Then the students worked independently to solve the EVEN problems on a worksheet.  Students were expected to complete a known/unknown chart for each problem.  Mrs. Head and I worked with small groups to help them create their known and unknown charts.  Students who did not complete the even problems in class must do so for homework.  All other students are expected to work on memorizing the basic multiplication facts using either the Edmodo multiplication app or math fact cafe. 

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more reading groups.

Cheetahs:  Independently they read pages 17-23 and identified 2 unknown words.  Then they created a vocabulary entry for each of their chosen words in the RRJ.  In group we discussed the main idea of this section of the text.  For homework they need to read pages 23-28 and note 1 thing that surprised them and 1 question they have on a sticky note.

Yellow Jackets:  The students read the story Shells.  In group we began discussing the story through the use of a literature web.  In group we discussed the key words and the feelings sections.  Tonight for homework the students need to reread Shells and complete the last two section of the web.

Snakes:  We practiced reading and writing high frequency words (said, what, answer, guess, could and added laugh).  Then we read pages 8 and 9 and identified words with the long e sound and the spelling of that sound in each word.  We sued these words to create a chart in our RRJ.  Tonight, for homework, students should reread pages 4-7 (fluency) and add words from this section to their long e charts in their RRJ.

We ended the day by reviewing the idea that a budget is a plan for gaining, spending and saving money.  We also discussed that creating budgets lead to making better financial decisions.

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