Monday, April 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday

We began our day with a class meeting.  After our group share, where each student was invited to share something they did over the weekend, we moved sharing compliments.  First, though, I explained a change...from now on, when we share a compliment it needs to be linked to one of the "Character Counts!" traits (trustworthiness, respect, responsible, fairness. caring and good citizenship).  Next, we discussed classroom jobs and made some changes, such as, adding the job of iPads (these people will get and return the iPads for the class, when needed) and eliminating the job of games person.  We ended the class meeting by voting to add a technology component where I will introduce new apps to the class.

During our whole group reading lesson I read the Chinese folktale, "White Wave" and we identified the story elements (characters, setting problem, solution and plot).

After that, I shared with students a risk I am taking...I am going to integrate science, writing and technology into our independent work time.  Using Edmodo, I have posted an assignment that includes links to 3 articles about turning natural resources into food.  During the course of the week, the children will read the articles, choose 1 natural resource and explain clearly, and incomplete sentences, what materials, tools and skills are used to turn that resource into food.  They will turn this in through Edmodo.

I have never given an in-class Edmodo assignment, so we will see how this works!  :-)

Today, while I meet with reading groups, the children will complete individual reading group assignments, complete their informational paragraph about their chosen issue, work on the above mentioned Edmodo assignment, complete a WOW worksheet for our new word "eerie", and practice writing the letters H, K and X in cursive.

Sharks:  We reviewed the word knapsack and used context clues to identify it's meaning.  Then we read the first half of chapter 6.  Students will read the rest of the chapter, thinking about the main idea, independently.  For homework the students need to reread chapter 6 and write and explain a title for the chapter, keeping in mind the main idea.

In math we practiced 2 step word problems and subtraction with regrouping during our warm up.  Then we completed a mad minute (in 3 minutes) to see how many multiplication facts we could identify correctly in a timed period.  We checked our own work and will correct any mistakes or omissions as part of our homework this evening.

Then students worked on memorizing the basic multiplication facts by reviewing strategies we learned earlier in the year, while I worked with a small group.  In group we practiced identifying the knowns and unknowns in word problems in order to solve them.

For homework, some students need to correct their Mad Minute.  ALL students must complete the multiplication and division review worksheet.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Cheetahs:  The students read pages 62-70 and listed unknown words.  In group, we reviewed the decoding and meaning of the unknown words and continued our discussion about the difference in Yang's and Matthew's cultures.  For homework they need to reread pages 62-70 and in their RRJ explain what it means on page 70 when it says, "I had Passed the test."

Yellow Jackets:  The students reread chapter 5 and created vocabulary entries in their RRJs for the 2 words from this chapter that they chose on Friday.  In group we discussed similes and metaphors and located 2 examples in the text.  Then we discussed who Journey blames for his predicament.  Finally, we discussed the shocking end to this chapter  For homework the students need to reread chapter 5, write a title for it and explain their thinking on a sticky note.

Snakes:  We practiced reading and writing high frequency words associated with their new book, Pet Dreams.  These included instead, maybe, and spread.  Then I told the group that this book is about 3 animals who meet in the park to complain about their owners.  We discussed the fact that since there are talking animals in the story it is considered a fantasy.  Tonight the students are supposed to read pages 2-5 and identify WHERE the animals wish they could get their food.

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