Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :-)

So, last night I spent about an hour and a half reviewing and providing feedback on the children's informational paragraphs about their issue.  It was a bit frustrating!!  I had provided several mini lessons and modeled writing my own paragraph twice, yet, the children's rough drafts showed little evidence of that!!  :-)

Therefore, after the class returned from PE, we had a discussion about my frustration and I explained that I will not give up!  I will continue searching for ways to teach the students what they need to know in order to complete expected tasks. 

With that (and much more!) said, I explained that writing is just another form of communication...much like writing, just in a different form.  To be able to write clearly requires you to be able to speak knowledgeably about your topic.  So the students were given time to explain their issue to a partner.

Independent work today included reading group assignments and rewriting the issue informational paragraph using the feedback I provided on the rough draft, the discussion they had with their partner and my modeled writing.  They also had to work on any other unfinished assignments such as the Edmodo natural resource activity and cursive writing.

Sharks:  We shared the titles they wrote for chapter 6 for homework last night, deciding whether or not they matched the main idea of the chapter.  Then we reviewed important vocabulary in chapter7 and began reading it.  Students will complete chapter 7 independently and then explain the problem in the chapter and Amber's and Justin's differing points of view, in their RRJ.  For homework they need to reread chapter 7.

In math we used the warm up to review two step word problems and summing products. You can view the lessons clicking here for word problems and here for summing products.  For homework the students need to watch the summing products lesson and solve the three problems in their math journal.  The problems are in the picture below.
Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.
Cheetahs:  Independently they read pages 71-78, listed unknown words and prepared to discuss "the idea" in group.  When we met, we reviewed what it meant that Yang "passed the test".  Then we defined the unknown words they had identified and reviewed the idea that Matthew and Yang would "bow sync".  For homework the students need to reread pages 71-78.
Yellow Jackets:  The students read chapter 6 and explained what Grandma meant when she said, "sometimes we are angry at the wrong person."  IN group we discussed this idea.  For homework they need to reread chapter 6.
Snakes:  Independently the students reread pages 2-5 and listed words with an -ed ending in their RRJ.  In group we practiced reading and writing high frequency words.  Then we separated the root words and -ed suffixes to help our decoding.  Finally, we reread pages 2-05.  For homework the children need to complete the chart in their RRJ separating the -ed words into root words and suffixes.  They also need to reread pages 2-5 working on fluency.
We ended the day by discussing the materials, tools and skills needed to turn a natural resource into something people use.

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