Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday...It's Been a FULL Week!

This morning the children began their day in music. 

When they returned to class we reviewed the definitions of effort, motivation and persistence.  Then we compared the wife from the story, The Fisherman and the Turtle, and Athena from "Arachne", with these ideas in mind.

After that, I reviewed the expectations for the informational paragraph about their chosen issue, and modeled writing about mine, paying specific attention to the format.

WhileI met with reading groups the children worked on the informational paragraphs, practiced writing the capital letters N, M and W, in cursive, and completed any unfinished work.

Sharks:  We shared the titles and explanations they wrote for chapter 5, for homework, Wednesday night.  I pointed out strengths and weaknesses in their responses and reminded the group that the title of the chapter should reflect the main idea in the chapter.

Cheetahs:  We reviewed pages 54-62 and discussed the tension between Matthew and Yingtao that was evident in this section.  The children also shared their homework from Wednesday night which was one thing they liked and one question they had from pages 54-62.

In math, after reviewing last night's homework, we took a quiz on solving 2-step word problems.  These have been scored and returned to the students.  I did review both problems prior to lunch and recess.

After outdoor recess, the students continued working independently while I met with groups.

Yellow Jackets:  We reviewed the unknown words, from chapter 5, they identified for homework Wednesday night.  Then they chose two words, from the group list, that they will use to create vocabulary entries on Monday.

We ended the day by visiting our kindergarten buddies and working on a Key Note presentation to introduce each other to our classmates.

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