Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Back!

I sincerely hope that every family had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I know I did!

This morning, in math, reviewed the concept of multiplication and associated vocabulary (commutative...3x5 is the same as 5x3, factor...a number multiplied to another to find a product, product...the answer to a mupltiplication problem and array). The students practiced solving multiplication problems with 2 and 5 as factors in class. For homework they need to complete the back of the 5's worksheet.

We are beginning to study the literary genre of folktales in reading. So we began by listing and discussing the characteristics, including, animals and objects are personified, there are contrasting qualities such as good/bad, smart/gullible, the poor are usually good and the wealthy usually evil, the plot if short and not very developed, there is often some sort of magiacl powers. Then we read the folktale COyote and identified examples of these characteristics in the story. After that we practiced using a new vocabulary word, sliver (a small, thin piece).

While I met with reading groups the students worked on writing a summary of Coyote in their RRJ and making a cartoon for the WOW, sliver.

Reading Groups:

Blue: We read and discussed Possum's Bare Tail. For homework they need to reread the book and write the beginning, middle and end (main idea) on the sticky note that is on the front of their book.

Green: We discussed the folktale Cinderella...tough sale with the guys!! For homework they need to do a first reading of the book To Tell the Truth (a Native American version of Cinderella) and list unknown words on the sticky note.

Red: We read information about trickster folktales and verbally answered questions about what we read. Tonight they need to do a first reading of Anansi and the Sky King and list unknown words on the sticky note.

Following lunch and recess the students went to art. When they return we will read a map and identify the geographical characteristics on the map.

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