Monday, November 22, 2010

Apparently, children do not like extra work...

who knew?!?! In the past two days since we have implemented the need to earn the ability to independent read after finishing your independent work I have seen much progress in the QUALITY of my reading class' written assignments. I could not be more pleased!!!

Just a heads-up...I will be out tomorrow at a couple of medical appointments. Therefore, no blog!

In math today, we went over the review packet (and corrected it) in order to prepare for the unit 2 assessment. The students will take the assessment, in class, tomorrow.

In reading we identified the characteristics of procedural text and analyzed two sets of directions. Then the students read to perform a task and made Mexican cut paper crafts. They also practiced writing capital Ts and Fs in cursive. I conferenced with two students on their writing and met with each reading group. There is no reading or language arts homework tonight.

All three reading groups read a page two of text, independently, and then practiced answering comprehension questions orally. We are answering the questions in complete sentences, in our own words, yet using information from the text.

Following lunch and recess the students went to art. When they return we will have a class meeting. At last week's class meeting we identified the problem of students not following oral and written directions. Today we will look at the ideas the students provided to solve this problem and then vote on a solution.

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