Tuesday, November 16, 2010


No comment about the state of the Skins. Thanks to "my boys" (the students who are Cowboy fans in our class)...they sure know how to rub salt in a wound! LOL!!

In math we practiced identifying the measurement of two objects that were end to end on a ruler. There is a worksheet for homework to further practice this skill. Two small groups met...one worked on converting inches to feet to yards. The other group practiced solving subtraction with regrouping problems.

We began reading with a fun activity to activate the student's background knowledge about sound. They had an ABC chart and tried to fill in one word, connected to sound, that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Then we began reading a book called A World of Sound. Our purpose was to identify text features and the information we gained from them. We began this in whole group then the students finished independently.

After working on their text feature assignment, the children worked with peers to conference and edit their writing pieces.

Reading Groups:

All reading groups reviewed their unknown words from last night's homework. Additionally we reviewed the name strategy...when you come across a proper noun that you can't pronounce, just say the first letter of the word...it doesn't affect the meaning of the text. Then we began reading their texts and answering oral comp questions.

Reading Homework:

A 2 sided subject and predicate worksheet was given to all students in my reading class...so there were not individual reading group assignments.

Following lunch and indoor recess we will have our second class meeting. I plan to discuss and problem solve with the students to develop ideas to help improve the overall cooperation when it comes to following oral and written directions.

We will end the day with a social studies activity...the students will use their understanding of decision making and choices to complete a worksheet.

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