Monday, November 15, 2010

Magical Monday

Well, Dallas did their job last night and beat the Giants...we (I) need the Skins to step up and beat the Eagles tonight!!!

Just an FYI...I am leaving early today for a root canal! Lucky me! I will be back tomorrow!

So, this posting will be short and sweet!

In math we continued working on word problems that involve linear measurement. We are aiming to take the unit 2 assessment NEXT Tuesday. There is a worksheet for homework tonight. There were two small groups during independent work time worked on converting inches, feet and yards. The other practiced solving subtraction with regrouping problems.

In reading we used our background knowledge to understand new information when we read the book Life in the Polar Regions. We also worked on identifying the parts of a sentence (subject and predicate). The subject is who or what the sentence is about. The predicate is the doing begins with the verb and is the rest of the sentence.

While I meet with reading groups the children will be answering a BCR (essay type question) in their RRJ using the book Life in the Polar Regions. They will also be working on a subject/predicate worksheet.

Each reading group received a new book today. In group we discussed the organization (all 3 books are non fiction books written in a narrative form) and using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words. All three groups are expected to preview (read as much as possible) their books tonight and list unknown words on their sticky notes to discuss in group tomorrow.
This afternoon, after art, the students will be discussing the ideas of making choices (think economics...opportunity cost, pros and cons) and working in small groups to list the pros and cons and make good choices based on situations that are provided to them. If time permits, they will complete a decision tree helping them to think through the pros and cons and make a decision.

Again, I am sorry that this is brief...but it does provide a glimpse of what went on today!

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