Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

This morning in math we used skip counting to solve multiplication problems that involved a factor of 3. I worked with a small group using blocks to model multiplication problems and find the product. There is a worksheet of basic multiplication facts for homework.

We began reading with me modeling a summary of the Coyote story for the class. My purpose was to show the class, after they have already written their own, how to compose a summary that identifies the most important ideas from the beginning, middle and end of a story without including unnecessary details. After that we read the story Chester the Worldly Pig. For independent work the students rewrote their Coyote summaries and wrote a summary for the Chester story.

Before going back to their seats to work independently I spent time modeling how to write a topic sentence that introduces your readers to the general topic and the sub groups you will write about in your paragraphs. For example...Running is a sport that needs equipment and involves different training plans. My first paragraph would be about equipment (clothing, watches, shoes, music, etc.). The second paragraph would be about different types of training (long runs, speed work, hills, repeats, etc.). As part of their independent work they had to choose a topic and write a topic sentence.

Reading Groups:
Red: We reviewed unknown words from their homework and discussed suffixes (word endings). Tonight they need to reread Anansi and add 5 words with suffixes to the chart we began in class. It is on a single sheet of lined paper in their home folder of their book.

Green: We reviewed their unknown words and began reading To t=Tell the Truth. Tonight they need to reread the story and write the beginning, middle and end on the sticky note attached to the front cover of their book.

Blue: I ran out of time and didn't meet with this group. They should reread the Possum book and get a parent signature (stating they did the reread) in their binder.

Following lunch and recess the students will have a substitute...I have another appointment! UGH!

They will begin with science. We will be starting a new unit...the exploration of sound. Each student will be given a "sound packet" that should be kept in the science section of their binder. Today they will complete part of the KWL chart with the sub...listing what the know and want to learn about sound.

After that the children will complete our social studies lesson from yesterday. They will use the map of Fakesville to answer questions about the geographic characteristics.


Theresa Harris said...

Thanks for keeping us so well informed about what goes on during our children's school day!

Dana Holman said...

Thanks for reading...and commenting!!!!!

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