Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday News...some good, some not

Let's start with the good...OUR kids (yes, yours and mine!) have been doing a super job in the lunchroom and at recess! Yesterday they were the only class to win a point. Today, not only did they win a point but they earned the max number of points...FOUR! So, they will be rewarded with a video after they return from the media center this afternoon!

Here's today's run down...please read carefully, I need YOUR help!

In math we reviewed area and perimeter including how to use the perimeter to find the lengths of sides of a figure. The students worked on a follow up worksheet while I met with a small group working on converting inches to feet to yards. There is a worksheet for homework and NO quiz tomorrow. Our unit assessment will be next Tuesday...we will review for it tomorrow and Monday.

Here's where I need YOU!!!!

Yesterday my reading class completed a worksheet based on a text that we read together and they were supposed to read independently. This assignment was fairly straight forward and should have provided the opportunity for the students to earn 3's. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the class rushed through the assignment and made many BIG errors...

This paper is going home with students tonight. PLEASE review it with your child...discuss the feedback I wrote on the paper. Encourage your child to SLOW down, use the text and put effort and THOUGHT into their work. They CAN do it...they are SMART...of this I have no doubt!!!

During our reading block we discussed many of the errors I saw on the assignment I just mentioned. We discussed what is needed to achieve success...unfortunately, during independent work time I saw a lot of the familiar behaviors. Therefore, on a daily basis, the children are going to have to start earning independent reading time in the book corner. I will be discussing this with the students, in depth, tomorrow.

Today I conferenced with individual (13!) students on their writing pieces. The rest of the class worked on a written comprehension worksheet for their reading group. They also continued working on their writing pieces and other unfinished work.

Following lunch, recess and visiting the media center, the students will watch their reward video.

Don't forget that spelling homework is due tomorrow.

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