Friday, November 19, 2010


Whew...we made it to Friday!!!

In math we began reviewing for the unit 2 assessment. The students worked independently on a review packet. We will correct the review packet on Monday and take the assessment on Tuesday. I did meet with two small groups. One worked on converting inches to feet to yards. The other reviewed fourth grade level area and perimeter problems.

We began reading by discussing the on-going quest, on the student's part, to be the first one done with their work. I explained that, from now on, students would need to earn the right to read independently when they have completed their class work. Until that time the students will have to let me know when they are finished with independent work and I will give them additional tasks. In short, there will now be a prize for being the first one done...more work!!

After that discussion, we read the book Life on the African Savannah and identified important (versus interesting) information. Then, while I continued conferencing with students on their writing, the children worked on completing their final drafts and a comprehension worksheet for the book we read in whole group.

Following lunch and recess, the students are going to music. When they return, we will identify and list in their social studies journals the elements of a map.

Have a super weekend!

OOPS...we ran out of time for our spelling test. I am hoping to remember to give it on Monday! Sorry!!

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