Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Busy, busy day...so, please excuse, in advance, if this post is confusing or disjointed! :-)

In math we reviewed our quiz from Friday. These are now in your child's binder in the math section. Please look at it. Then, after FASTT math, the students practiced comparing fractions while I met with three small groups. Tow of the groups worked on identifying the value of a fraction of a set...for example, 3/5 of 20. The other group worked on identifying equivalent fractions. Then we all reviewed the classwork together. There is a worksheet (comparing fractions) for homework.

In reading we continued reading Amber Brown is Not a Crayon and discussing our predictions. Then we went over making sure that our arguments matched our audience for our persuasive letters. After that, we headed to the computer lab to complete a student survey for the county.

Following lunch and recess the students will work on their persuasive letters, their homophone charts and a vocabulary cartoon for the word amble.

Reading groups:
Tigers: Read chapter 2 to find out what was wrong with Andrew. Then they discussed why panic is a good title for this chapter. For homework they need to reread this chapter, twice...going for fluency.

Bears: Read and discussed chapters 4 and 5. For homework they need to reread these chapters...going for fluency!!

Lions: Reread pages 32-46 identifying examples of realistic fiction along the way. For homework they need to complete the word sort worksheet that they were given.

We will end the day with a social studies lesson that focuses on the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Remember that the sound projects are due THURSDAY!!!

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