Monday, March 22, 2010


This morning we began comparing fractions. This is always a challenge for students because they think the larger the denominator, the larger the fraction. We practiced drawing (modeling) different fractions and the students came to the realization that as the denominator increases, the size of each piece decreases. While I met with small groups, the rest of the class used paper strips to models fractions of different sizes and then answer questions on a worksheet.

One small group worked on identifying equivalent fractions. The other practiced determining the value of a fraction of a set. There are two worksheets that needed to be worked on in class and completed for homework. We will review Friday's quiz tomorrow and then send it home.

In reading we continued reading Amber Brown is Not a Crayon. Today we made predictions about what will happen next. Then we began planning our next persuasive writing piece. The students are picking something that bothers them and writing a letter to a specific person to get them to change their mind or the rule.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess the students will continue working on their persuasive writing piece, identifying homophones and a new vocabulary word, while I meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Practice writing high frequency words then read and discussed chapter 1. Tonight the students need to reread chapter 1, two times...we need to work on fluency.

Bears: We worked on their planning sheet for their next persuasive piece instead of reading during our small group time. Tonight they need to reread chapter 3, two times, working on fluency.

Lions: We reread the letters to the yellow canary and discussed why Nam writes to the canary and what information we can gain about Nam from reading these letters. Tonight they need to read pages 32-46.

We ended the day by sharing our rules posters from last week.

Remember that the sound projects are due THIS Thursday!!!

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