Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day

Ahhh...a reprieve from testing today...remember, math MSA begins Friday. I won't be giving any new homework until next Tuesday BUT students should be working on their sound projects -- they are due Thursday, March 25!!

After going to FASTT math, my math class practiced identifying the chance of events occurring. I met with two small groups. One worked on writing fractions and mixed numbers for the same picture. The other worked on identifying fractions and mixed numbers on a number line.

In reading we began exploring the novel as a literary genre. We discussed challenges that a novel might bring, such as, lack of picture support and remembering what has already taken place. Then we began reading the novel, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon.

After that, we switched our focus to persuasive writing. Students helped me develop a pros and cons chart for never going to school again. This afternoon they will create a similar chart for their topic.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students will work independently on their writing and some brain teaser activities while I meet with reading groups.

Tigers: We reread chapters 1 and 2 and discussed how Selena has changed so far.

Bears: We finished reading and discussing The BIrthday Swap.

Lions: We read and discussed an article about Diana Kidd, the author of Onion Tears, our r next novel.

We ended the day by changing the volume of our string instruments and then disassembling them.

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