Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day!

This morning in math, after going to FASTT math, we practiced placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. We did this as a whole group activity, using white boards, because only one student was able to earn a score of 3 or better on this section of their math quiz last week. There is a worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz on Friday. In order to prepare for the quiz, the students have been told to review last week's quiz.

In reading we finished reading Amber Brown is Not a Crayon. We also discussed various ways to write a good ending and listed them, along with examples, in our writer's notebook. Then we read Caps for Sale to illustrate a great ending!

Following PE, lunch and recess the students will work independently on their persuasive letter, homophones activities (word study), the vocabulary sheet and any reading group assignments. I will meet with small groups.

Tigers: We discussed a time when the children felt sick but didn't tell anyone. Then we read chapter three and wrote about a time we felt embarrassed. For homework, the students need to reread chapter three two times.

Bears: We practiced writing high frequency words. Then we reread chapter 4 and 5 practicing reading fluently. Then the students identified the one main idea/ or event from the beginning, middle and end of the story. Tonight they need to reread chapters 4 and 5.

Lions: We discussed the word sort and then talked about why the groups of children vandalized Nam's bike and why she didn't react. This came about from a discussion of the mood in the book. There is no additional homework tonight.

We ended the day by discussing the first 5 amendments in the Bill of Rights and also identifying our responsibilities that go along with those rights.

The sound projects are due TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

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