Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day!

This morning, in math, after completing a warm up, reviewing last night's homework and going to FASTT math, the students worked in small groups to solve the problem 1/3 of 12. Then we shared the different methods used by the groups to find the answer. My goal was for the students to realize, on their own, that the denominator tells you how many groups to divide the set into. Tonight's homework reviews probability because I wasn't sure they were ready for identifying the fractions of a set.

After that, my reading class continued to work on their persuasive writing pieces and homophone worksheets while I conferenced with students. Then they went to PE, lunch and recess.

This afternoon, the students will continue working independently while I meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Read chapter 4 independently and identified the events at the beginning, middle and end of the chapter. After that we finished the book and discussed how Selena changed during the story.

Bears: Reread chapter 3. For homework they need to reread the chapter twice...we are trying to work on fluency. They also completed a comprehension worksheet, independently, in class.

Lions: The students reminded me that they hadn't finished sharing the chapter they wrote for the novel Journey. So, we took a break from Onion Tears and shared them. Tonight, for homework, they need to read pages 16-31.

We will end the day by grouping rules and regulations into like categories.

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