Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Today is Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Our wonderful guidance counselor arranged to have seniors from the Damascus Senior Center read a Dr. Seuss book to each class. Our class listened to Oh, the Places You'll Go!

After that we went to math class. In my math class we continued identifying fractions of a whole and of a set. WE watched a segment of video and worked on a practice worksheet. There is a worksheet for homework.

After that, I had a meeting to attend, but Mrs. Benson reviewed the strategies we use to persuade. Then the students shared ideas, they listed yesterday that, that they might choose to persuade a friend to do. Finally, Mrs. Benson read Green Eggs and Ham (another Dr. Seuss book) and discussed the persuasive methods that are utilized within the book.

Prior to lunch and recess, we went to the computer lab to practice key boarding skills using Type to Learn.

After recess the students will write thank you notes to our guest speak and answer multiple choice questions based on a flyer while I meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Finished reading book out loud and discussed main event on each page. Then worked on vocab activity using words from the book. Tonight they need to reread the book.

Bears: Reviewed unknown words from homework. Began reading the story aloud. Tonight they need to reread the marked section TWICE.

Lions: Read and discussed chapter 12 out loud. Tonight they need to reread chapter 13 and share (with an adult) what they think will happen next...they are to use their knowledge of the book to think about what they would write if they had to write another chapter for the book. This is to help prepare the students for an upcoming assignment.

We will end the day by construction a one-stringed instrument.

PLEASE remember that the sound projects are due in just over three weeks. I will do my best to reduce the amount of reading homework during this time!!!

Also, MSA testing begins MONDAY!

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