Tuesday, October 14, 2008


SO, I didn't get my win on Sunday with the Skins BUT the Giants did lose last night and that helps, a bit!!

In math we continued constructing line plots and determining median, mode and range using a set of data. There is a subtraction worksheet for homework. We will have a quiz on Thursday!

At the beginning of reading we went tot he gym to watch a presentation about homelessness. Our homeless walk is Thursday during recess. PLEASE sign and return the pink sheet...even if you don't contribute any money!

When we got back to class the children worked on reading group assignments.

JGB: Reread Fisherman and his Wife and listed questions they had (or things they wondered about) in the RRJ.

Frogs: Met with me...we discussed (and practiced) finding and using support in the text to answer questions. Then we read and discussed chapter 2. When they returned to their seats, they chose a character from chapter 2 and named a character trait for that character. Then they used evidence from the text to support their choice.

Dragons: Completed concept map for either slither or pioneer. Read and discussed chapter 5 with me.

Following lunch and recess we will discuss the importance of suing correct punctuation in our writing. We will also continue writing personal narratives.

We will end the day with social studies. We will watch the first segment of a program called Econ and Me. This section focuses on scarcity.

Homework: Besides math, remember that spelling is due on THURSDAY and keep working on the book report!

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