Thursday, October 23, 2008


This morning we took our first unit assessment in math. After that, in reading, we sorted plurals according to the rules used for changing the singular version into a plural. Then the students chose spelling words and copied them into their spelling journal AND their planner for this week and next. Finally, they completed a concept map for the term "market".

Following lunch and recess I did a two writing mini reviewed the general writing process and the other reviewed peer conferencing. Then the students worked independently on their writing. We ended the day by identifying specialized workers and the goods/services they produce.

I will be absent tomorrow. I need to take my toddler for an Upper GI. SO, here is a rundown of the plans I have left...

In math, the children will take a preassessment for unit 2. Then they will review this with the sub. In reading they will read and discuss an issue of Time for Kids. They will also choose a bold faced word from the cover story and complete a concept map for that word.

Following music, lunch and recess the children will practice their typing in the computer lab using Type to Learn. They will end the day with an assessment in social studies.

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