Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things to Think About...

The end of the marking period is only 3 1/2 weeks away...that means parent conferences are right around the corner. Many haven't signed up for a conference. The sign up posters are hanging in the hallway, around the corner from the main office. Those who don't pick their own time will be assigned a time. I will send home reminder notices in early November.

Book reports are due October 29. Please help your child remember to stay on track.

The homeless walk is during recess on October 16.

In math today, we reviewed pictographs and constructed bar graphs. The students needed to determine an appropriate scale for the bar graph. Many instantly realized that counting by 25's would be best. There is a worksheet tonight.

In reading we reviewed text features and non fiction text. The students used the text features we discussed during the mini lesson to complete an organizational chart in their reading response journals. They also searched for /er/ words and worked on reading group assignments.

Following lunch and recess the students will continue writing personal narratives and I will continue meeting with reading groups.

JGB: Will complete interpretive words page for Master Cat. They will begin a new story (with a text opener) with me.

Dragons: Will reread chapter 3 and complete a concept map (with me) for the word "debate".

Frogs: Will reread chapter 1 and in their reading response journal write about which animal they'd want to purchase, using details from chapter 1 to support their choice.

We will end the day with a science lesson. We will use chromatography to identify an unknown marker.

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