Thursday, October 30, 2008


During math the children worked independently on measuring in inches and making conversions. While they worked, I pulled a few students, one-at-a-time, to check their decoding(word calling...reading) and their verbal comprehension.

We began reading by reviewing the whole group lesson from yesterday. Then the students were each assigned a non fiction text. They thought of two to three questions they had about the subject of the book PRIOR to reading it. Then they created a chart in their RRJs and read the book, recording information from the text as either important (if it answered one of their questions) or interesting.

While they worked independently, I continued working with individual students. Miss Diane met with two reading groups.

Frogs: Read chapter 4 and discussed unknown words.
Dragons: Read chapters 7 & 8 and discussed unknown words.

Following lunch and recess Miss Jones will read Halloween stories to the entire third grade. Then we will finish sharing book reports. Finally, we will select a start student for this month.

Spelling is due tomorrow. There will be a spelling assessment and a math quiz (measuring inches with a ruler and inch, feet, yards conversions) tomorrow!

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