Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Thursday, right?!?!

The day off on Tuesday has really thrown me!

But it is Thursday and tomorrow IS Friday!

And the Eagles WILL lose on Sunday...right, Vogel?

In math today we constructed and read double bar graphs. There is a worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

WE began reading in the media center, continuing our Cynthia Rylant author study with Mrs. Rose. When re returned to the classroom, I assigned and went over a book report that is due WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29. PLEASE ask your child about it and look it over. It does require a parent signature! Then students worked on reading group activities.

Following lunch and recess the children will have a substitute. With the sub, the will listen to the rest of Amelia Writes Again. They will also continue working on writing personal narratives.

The day will end with a social studies lesson. The children will review goods and services AND natural, human and capital resources. Then they will finish their production charts from last week and complete a goods and services worksheet.

Some reminders:
Spelling homework is due tomorrow
Spelling test tomorrow
Math quiz tomorrow
Octoberfest on Sunday
Individual portrait day is Monday

The Eagles go D-O-W-N on Sunday...Vogel, are you reading?!?!

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