Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hump Day but it feels like a Monday

Today felt like a Monday but it was Wednesday...weird!

In math we constructed bar graphs. First we took the data from our pictograph of math class birthdays and created a bar graph. Then, while I worked with individual children on adding and subtracting three digit number, the class worked independently on constructing a bar graph given data about favorite sports. There is a worksheet for homework.

During reading, we went to the media center and continued our author study of Cynthia Rylant with Mrs. Rose.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we listened to Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Iacoviello tell us about the reading incentive program. In short, starting Saturday and ending December 19, students need to read LOTS and keep track of the minutes they read. More information will come home on Friday. Look for it! I want to win!!! :-)

After the presentation, we compiled a class list of the correct uses for capital letters. Then the children went back to a piece of their writing and, using the list, corrected their writing. They also continued writing personal narratives.

We ended the day with an exciting science lesson. The children used chromatography (the process of separating mixtures) to see the different pigments that are used in 5 different black markers.

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