Friday, February 8, 2008


Thank you for all of the positive and supportive e-mails regarding our collection of candy and DVD's for our troops stationed oveseas. You can send in donations on Monday, too!

Our class picture will be taken Monday around 11:15.

On to the daily update...

In math we took our first quiz for unit 1. It was short, so I quickly graded it and passed it back so that we could review it as a class.

We began reading with our spelling tests. Then we discussed child labor laws and went over some vocabulary...both were "tie-ins" to this week's Time for Kids. Before heading off to music, the students had some time to do a first reading of the issue.

Following music, lunch and recess, the class will reread the TFK and complete a worksheet. Then Mrs. Jeyasunder, a para educator on our staff, will speak to the entire third grade about her experiences and knowledge of India. Then we will all head to the media center so that the two classes can share their travel brochures with eachother.

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