Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Early Dismissal Day

The substitute from yesterday afternoon left me a list of 7 students who were excessively disruptive. I wish I could say this was surprise but our days have been challenging lately...students not focusing on the task at hand, not completing work and lots of talking. I'd like to chalk this up to "cabin fever" but I would appreciate it if you would remind your child how important it is to remain focused in school.

On that note, Miss Jones stopped by this afternoon to relay a similar message. She talked to the children about school being their number one job.

During math we did two different MSA preparation activities. One was a BCR and the other was multiple choice. For homework the children need to complete the backside of the multiple choice worksheet.

During reading the children worked on reading group assignments.

SP&T reread chapter 4 with Mrs. Benson. Then they began working on a BCR in their reading log.

W&M chose a word from the story Shells and completed a vocab web on it. We have done vocab webs in our group. Then they did one with a partner. This time they were expected to complete the web independently.

JGB met with me and we continued reading and discussing the Little Humpbacked Horse. Did I mention it was a long story? We still did not complete it!!!!

Homework for the entire homeroom is to locate 10 -ue words and write them in their spelling journal.

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