Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Good Deed

Hopefully, you remember reading or hearing about our children making cards for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. Well, my neighbor who delivered the cards said that the children's cards brought tears to the soldiers eyes...they were THAT touched!

This same nieghbor is getting together a care package to send to our troops who are stationed overseas. The children had been asking if they could make more cards. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped right on it! I got even more excited when I realized we could incorporate the computer skills we have gained by creating cards using Microsoft that is what the children did!

If any of you are interested, we would also like to send bags of lollipops, hard candies and DVD's (my neighbor suggested this). I will collect any bags of candy (that won't chocolate is a no-no) and DVD's, and bring them over, with the cards, to my neighbor's house on Monday evening. Thanks, in advance, for any and all participation. to our daily math we review symmetry and intrduced congruent figures. Please take time to review the voacbulary packet that your children received earlier in the week...students who struggle with this unit, usually struggle because of the large amount of new vocabulary! There is a worksheet for homework and there will be a quiz tomorrow.

During reading, the students took their ideas of "things that change" and put them into groups. They then created charts and shared these charts with the class. Following the sharing of the charts we had a discuss about change and came up with some genrealizations about change, such as, change is everywhere, some change is positive and some is negative, some change is natural and other requires the involvement of people, etc.

Following lunch and recess, we went to the computer lab to create our cards.

Please keep in mind that we will have a math quiz AND a spelling test tomorrow. Also, spelling homework is due tomorrow!

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Doctor David said...

What a great idea, Dana!

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