Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Dress Rehearsal

This morning we began our day with an MSA practice session that was a dress rehearsal. Students moved their desks apart, accommodations were given to those who require them and the atmosphere reflected a true testing situation. I am so proud to say that the children did a GREAT job! They took it seriously, tried their best and many scored very well. We did go over the correct answers (and how to figure them out) as a class. I also gave each paper a percentage score. PLEASE go over the papers with your child and ask them what they learned.

Following the MSA practice we began compiling a list of -ue words and placing them in groups according to their sound. I am hoping we will finish our spelling lesson this afternoon, after the computer lab...check your child's planner.

We did have math right before lunch. My math class reviewed slides, flips and turns. They also practiced creating solid shapes using cubes. Our assessment will be Tuesday morning. There is a worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and indoor recess, we will visit the computer lab. I will introduce the children to Power Point. Then, as I said earlier, my plan is to finish our spelling and for the children to pick new words.

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