Friday, February 29, 2008


In math we reviewed concepts that will be covered on the Unit 4 Assessment which will be given on Tuesday. Independently, students constructed polygons and circles given specific measurements. They also identified solid figures by name and counted the number of faces, edges and vertices. I met with two small groups. Both of these groups worked on using cubes to construct rectangular prisms and then calculated the volume of the prisms using the formula, length x width, height. They then checked their calculations by counting the cubes they used to construct the figure.

During reading, I gave the children some much needed "catch up" time. They finished their thank you notes to Dr. Thabet and worked on answering BCR's for their reading groups.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess we will finally begin reading the historical fiction novel, F is for Freedom. Then I will introduce the William and Mary "hamburger" organizer for persuasive writing to the entire class. They will build their understanding of this concept by taking a scrambled paragraph and rearranging it to make a well structured persuasive paragraph. Finally, we will end our day by changing the pitch of our 4 string harps. Remember those?!?!?! It has been a long while since we made them!

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