Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hit the ground running...

It's been a busy and productive morning but I've had no time to breathe...

In math, we continued working on place value. I did a quick "dipstick" exit card DURING class to see what the children have learned/retained. I was pleasantly surprised!! I also introduced a new math anchor activity, and while the children worked independently, I was able to pull two small groups!

During reading, we read Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber and practiced making connections. While the class worked independently, I continued the QRI testing.

While the testing does take time, I am continually amazed about how much information I get by sitting with each child. For example, today I discovered students who decode words VERY well but struggle with comprehension. I also worked with a child who struggles with decoding yet comprehends well...I noticed two students who struggle with b/d reversals, etc., etc. I just think it is time that is well spent...I feel like I truly know the students whom I have already tested.
As a teacher, it is so wonderful to sit with a child while they are reading and to already be formulating ideas of how and what I can teach them to help them be more successful!

This afternoon I will model a writing lesson. We will also finish creating our class rules and expectations.

During the next couple of days, I will be sending home the first Scholastic book order and Highlights order. Please know that I never expect you to order. But there are often some great deals to be had...Also, it is an opportunity to earn free stuff for our classroom. If you decide to order from Scholastic...do NOT send cash...write a check payable to SCHOLASTIC. For the highlights order form, we get credit for every form that is SIGNED and RETURNED...even if you do not order. So, please help us earn free gifts by signing and returning the highlights form even if you do not order!

Let me know if you would like to volunteer...I have lots of copying that needs to be done!

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