Friday, September 7, 2007

Isn't technology great?

I bet you were thinking I was referring to my blog...nope...teaching students how to subtract two and three digit numbers can be quite challenging. This morning I went to, a web site that our school has purchased the rights to use, and showed the children a video about subtraction with and without regrouping. (BTW...we watched it on the computer AND the TV!!!) Anyway, this video explained the whole regrouping process in a way that I actually saw MANY light bulbs go on in children's heads...well, not actual light bulbs, but you get the point. After the video, we worked a few problems on white boards and I was AMAZED by the progress so many children had made...all due to technology in the classroom.

After math, we read Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain, twice! The first time we just simply enjoyed the rhyming tale. Then we went back and identified character traits for the main character Kipat and charted what happened in the book that helped us discover the trait.

Then the students went to music, lunch and recess.

After recess, we will read a story about moods and write about emotions. Then we will begin investigating the whole idea of economics, our first social studies unit.

Remember, all students should have brought in their Braggin' Dragon poster today AND a picture of themselves. If your child hasn't, please have him/her do it on Monday. Also, our first book order is due Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend....

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