Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Formative Wednesday

This morning, in math, we took our second formative...that is an ungraded quiz that is used to help me plan my teaching and help the students know what they need to work on. The formative will be sent home. Please review it to help your child prepare for our Friday math quiz. This Friday's quiz will feature numeric patterns but will also include addition and subtraction and place value.

If you are looking for more practice in math, check out the third grade web has links to many math web sites! Another good idea is to use the formative as a guide and create similar problems using different numbers. Finally, try going to and just entering a concept (ex. number patterns) you'd be surprised what you will find!

After math, we put our long e words into categories according to the way the long e sound was spelled. Then, the students used books and 3x5 post-it notes to locate and record long e words on their own. Tomorrow we will sort them and pick our first individuals set of spelling words.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we will continue practicing using sensory images (descriptive words) in our writing. We will also review capitalization and punctuation rules. Tomorrow, the students will be doing their first piece of graded writing in class.

After writing, we will identify goods and services in The Big Green Pocketbook...yes, we haven't gotten to that yet!

Thanks for returning the Highlights forms! If you haven't done that yet, please do so soon! Individual pictures are Monday, 9/24...and the Redskins will beat the Giants at 4:15 on Sunday!


Lisa said...

Thanks for your info every day. It helps! Glad you have faith in our 'skins -- but what's wrong with your teammate? He's so cynical on his blog--must be a Redskins fan at heart since he can't stop talking about them!

Dana Holman said...

LOL...I bet you're right...he's a closet Redskins fan!

Jim said...

Hello Mrs. Holman's MOM!!
Yes, we do read the blog everyday!!!!!

Jacy&Kai'sDad said...

Mrs.Holman Thanks for all your hard work as well as the blog. It is a great resource. See it isn't all about you. LOL

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