Tuesday, September 18, 2007

STOP...my teaching!

That's been my mantra since I heard it about it a year ago...

I keep telling the children that my job is to teach them new skills and concepts and their job is to STOP my teaching as soon as they are confused, lost or a lesson doesn't make sense. This is so important since many times, just answering a quick question or redoing a problem can clear up an issue very quickly! Please reiterate this at home.

During math, we continued to complete numeric problems and identify the rule. We also went over the quiz! Many students were surprised and disappointed when they received their graded quiz. I am hoping it is a jolt to some...I firmly believe that this is a bright group of children...unfortunately, focusing is a challenge for many! Please review the quiz, sign the top of it and return it to school.

During reading, my homeroom went to the computer lab to take the MAP-R test. It is a computerized reading test that adjusts its questions to fit the student's ability as they take the test. The data is another tool I will use to guide my instruction.

Following the MAP-R, we reread parts of Miss Rumphius and listened for words that had the long e sound in them. Tomorrow we will sort these words.

Following lunch and recess we will discuss and identify goods and services mentioned in the book The Big Green Pocketbook. Then we will go to an assembly featuring Billy B, the singing and dancing science guy.

Please remind students to read every night for at least 15 minutes.

Individual pictures are scheduled for next Monday, 9/24.

One more thing...today, students in my homeroom will be bringing home an order form for Highlights magazine. Our classroom can earn free prizes for EVERY form that is returned with a PARENT SIGNATURE...even if you already order it or do not wish to order it, please mark the blank next to "No", SIGN your name and return the form. Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the good information!

Dana Holman said...

Thanks! I would love this blog to be more interactive...I'd especially enjoy hearing what parts are the most informative and what other information might be helpful!

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