Friday, August 31, 2007


I can't believe it is already Friday! We have had a very busy and productive week.

This morning, in math, we continued to work on place value and we began creating the largest and smallest numbers possible given three individual digits. For example, if the digits are 583, the largest number would be 853 and the smallest 358. During reading we played a getting to know you game. Ask your children about was a lot of fun! Then the class visited Mrs. Thompson in music.

This afternoon we will continue to read Frindle. We will also begin learning the characteristics of a personal narrative, as we write about a special memory, and we will begin our Crime Lab Investigation science unit. We will make fingerprints and then analyze the three different patterns that are common; arch, loop and whorl.

I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend...remember that the Braggin' Dragon posters and a picture of each student needs to be turned in no later than next Friday!

Please feel free to add comments to our blog! I enjoy knowing that it is being read.


Lisa said...

Thank you for letting us "in" on your class. It is so nice to be able to ask my child about more details. Previously when I asked about the day I usually got details about recess and lunch--now I'm getting "oh, yeah . . ."

Jennifer said...

I LOVE THIS! Thank you setting this up for us. I look forward to checking the blog each day to see what the class has done! Thanks!

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