Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another busy day!

It is such a great feeling when a lot gets accomplished!

Today I was able to begin a group of students in the Junior Great Books program. We read and discussed a poem to prepare ourselves for the story we will read. I was also able to work with children on sight words and get another group started reading Strega Nona in pairs. While all of this was going on, the children did practice buddy checks in preparation for their spelling test tomorrow and they learned how to write an "l" and a "b" in cursive. They also practiced writing proper nouns using capital letters.

Math was productive, too! As a group we reviewed rounding two and three digit numbers to the nearest ten. Then Mrs. Starkey took a small group to further practice rounding numbers while I took another group to practice subtraction when double regrouping is required. Some students worked independently on rounding three digit numbers. Tomorrow's math quiz will cover numeric patters, subtraction and addition with regrouping, place value and some rounding.

This afternoon we will visit the computer lab. We will continue to explore Microsoft Word. I am hoping students will learn how to import pictures into a document, add a caption and then print the document.

After that, Mrs. Howard will be doing a Stop and Think lesson on respect with our class.

Tomorrow is an early release day. I will not be here tomorrow...I have to take Jason to the doctor for his chronic ear infections. Mrs. Webber will be here in my place...she's awesome! And...there won't be a blog! :-(

Math Night is tonight...I won't be able to make it...but the Octoberfest is Sunday, October 7 and I will be there with my children...and maybe my mom, too! :-) (hint, hint, mom...if you are still reading!)

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