Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remember...we learn from our mistakes!!!

Very busy, chaotic AND productive morning, which I would not have made it through without the help of Mrs. Bonvillain!!!! Please keep reading to discover MY pertains to spelling homework.

In math, we review numeric patterns. We discussed that discovering the rule (and writing it in the box) should be done before finishing the pattern. We also focused on USING THE RULE to find the missing numbers in the pattern. We have a quiz tomorrow that covers place value, subtraction with regrouping and numeric patterns.

Our reading block was dedicated to spelling. The students found their own long e words and then sorted them according to spelling. After that we compiled a class list. Then, the fun began...

I reviewed (and reviewed...) the entire spelling process. Here are some highlights...
Students will choose 5 (or 6 or 7) words from the class list. If they choose 5 the other 2 will be words they missed on previous spelling tests....this week they chose 7 since we don't have any spelling tests to pull missed words from...Then an adult will help them choose 3 words, from their Writer's Notebook, that they spelled incorrectly. These words will be added to their lists, for a total of 10 words. One list will be glued into their spelling journal. The other list will be put into the spelling section of their binder.

Here's the mistake...I passed out the wrong homework explanation sheet on Back to School Night. There will not be a form each cycle for parents to sign. Instead, today, students will be given a new homework explanation sheet (for spelling) it will be glued into the front of their spelling journal. Another copy of the SAME document will be put into the spelling section of their binder.

They will need to do 5 spelling homework assignments EACH cycle. These assignments SHOULD be done in their spelling journal and then handed in on the same day as the spelling test. However, the assignments CAN be done on notebook paper and stapled together and then turned in the day of the spelling test. The only thing I will ask parents to sign is the spelling pre-test, which counts as one of the 5 homework assignments.

I will go over all of this with the class this afternoon...don't hesitate to post questions or e-mail me privately!

This afternoon, we will visit the computer lab. I am hoping to introduce the children to Microsoft Word...that should be a breeze after spelling this morning! LOL!!!!

After that, we will review the spelling homework. We will begin the first graded writing assignment tomorrow...I don't think we'd see their best writing today! :-)

Remember, individual pictures are Monday. Next Friday is an early release is also the day of our first spelling test!


Valarie said...

Thanks for the time and effort and your daily "blogging" - that might be another spelling issue! It is a great way to stay on track - even if you can't log in everyday. Thanks!

Doctor David said...

How cool! My sister has a blog! I'd have been reading this all along, had I but known. Oh, well. What comes around goes around, no?

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