Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day

This morning we took a formative in math. The class, as a whole, was not ready for the rounding formative but I wanted to maintain our routine so the formative covered subtraction and patterns. After reviewing the formative as a class, we began to tackle rounding to the tens column with THREE digit numbers. Our quiz on Friday will have some rounding but only using two digit numbers. The rest of the quiz will include addition and subtraction, place value and patterns.

During our reading block, we used the morning message to locate common, proper and plural nouns. See if your child can identify any in a newspaper, magazine or book. Then we read The Empty Pot and discussed how the story elements come together to create a story. After that, the students identified a character trait for Ping, the main character, and used events from the text to support their answer. This was done in their reading log.

Following PE, lunch and recess, the students will discuss strategies for what to do when they get stuck for ideas to write about. They will also have time to work on using sensory images in their personal narratives, in their writing journal. Then we will discuss chromatography.

Friday is our first spelling test and spelling homework is due, too. It is also an early release day. Thursday night is Math Game Night and the PTA sponsored Octoberfest is Sunday, October 7.

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