Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Today we switched our schedule around, just a bit!  We had our literacy block, first thing this morning, so that we could have science, and plant our terrariums, this afternoon with Mrs. Shapot's class.

So, after the announcements, we reviewed the reading assignment from yesterday.  Then the students began working independently, on the following tasks, while I continued my reading assessments.  First the children completed, and turned in, the evidence organizer explaining why Juan fixed Dona Josefa's roof, in The Gold Coin, and backing up their thinking with three pieces of evidence from the text.  After that, they used my model paragraph, their graphic organizer, and the grading rubric to draft their introductory paragraph for the character analysis of John Henry from Freedom Summer.  Next, they watched the Learn Zillion lesson about modal auxiliaries and completed the follow up capture sheet.  Finally, if they had additional time, they read silently.

After our literacy block we began our math block.

We began the math block by reviewing how to compare multi-digit numbers using <, >, or =.  Then we began our rotations.  During the small group, teacher led instruction we used expanded form and place value to continue comparing numbers.  During math with a partner, the children created multi-digit numbers, by rolling dice, and then compared the two numbers.  As they worked with their partner, they engaged in math discourse.  Finally, the students watched a Khan Academy lesson about comparing multi-digit numbers, and completed an online practice activity, during the technology rotation.  If they finished early, they played Hockey Score to practice place value.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class we began preparing to plant our terrariums...BUT...there was a challenge...I was sent a THIRD grade science kit, instead of a FOURTH grade kit.  SO, we had to make some adjustments.  We will plat our terrariums tomorrow, hopefully!!

Since we are flexible and have so much learning to do, we were able to fill our new-found free time with academic tasks!!

First, the students took the Words Their Way inventory.  Basically, this is a spelling test that I will analyze to help me develop groups for word work.  We will begin our Words Their Way program the first week of October.

Next, the students had time to work on their literacy block tasks while I continued testing.

Finally, the students ended their day with art.

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