Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 4 and Back to School Night

Don't forget that Back to School Night is tonight .  It begins at 6:00 pm.

Now a recap of our day...
When the students came in they completed the "Find Someone Who" activity they began yesterday.  Then, after watching the announcements via a Google Hangout, we reintroduced ourselves and shared the "Find Someone Who" results.

Next, we began social studies by reading about and locating on a map 6 human-made features in Maryland.  These included Deep Creek Lake, Sideling Hill, The Bay Bridge, The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, and a few others.

Then we got our blood flowing with a Go Noodle brain break.

After that we began our math block.  We did not switch for math today.  We will begin tomorrow!!  So, today they completed their pizza glyphs, completed a Math About Me activity, and practiced the basic facts using Xtra math.  While the students worked independently, I pulled students to begin my informal reading assessments.

Over the next few days I will listen to each student read and respond to oral comprehension questions.  This is NOT graded.  The purpose it to help me create guided reading groups and plan for instruction.

After lunch and outdoor recess we had a quick class meeting to go over some nuts and bolts, including math classes, and the technology permission slip...both coming home this evening.

Then we began our literacy block.  We reviewed the 5 generalizations of change and identified the characteristics of historical fiction.

Next, I led a discussion about life in the 19060's and segregation.  It was wonderful!  Then I read the story, Freedom Summer, out loud and we identified changes in the story and the character's view points towards the events in the book.

After that, the students worked independently to finish their Important poem and Getting to Know You Sandwich.  During this time I continued my informal reading assessments and attended an in-house meeting.

Remember, no homework this week.

Back to School Night is at 6:00 pm tonight.

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